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Straight Catheter


Straight intermittent catheters, often called straight or male catheters, are designed to drain the bladder for individuals with neurogenic bladder or other conditions in which the bladder does not function properly. This type of intermittent catheter is the first, original type of urinary catheter. The most common straight catheters are non-coated smooth PVC with staggered eyelets for drainage. Some have fire-polished eyelets while others have polished eyelets. You can manually lubricate these prior to insert one with the use of individual packets or tubes of sterile lubrication.

These are also available in travel-sized pocket catheters, which come in a curved or U-shaped package and can be discreetly tucked into your pocket for easy carrying. Sizes include male or female or pediatric lengths, and a variety of French sizes.

The funnel of the catheter on most brands are color-coded for the French size. The French size is a measure of the inside diameter of the tube.


Hydrophilic Catheters
Hydrophilic catheters are coated with a hydrophilic polymer that becomes very slippery when wet to promote excellent gliding properties and provides lower friction when compared to other catheters. The result is a much more comfortable insertion.

Closed System Catheters
Closed system catheters are pre-lubricated catheters that are self contained, allowing for a sterile environment. It includes an introducer tip that allows the catheter to bypass the highest concentrations of bacteria located in the first few millimeters of the urethra, significantly reducing the risk of infection. Closed system catheters have an attached collection bag which allows for discreet catherizing where facilities are not available and also has the ability to measure output.




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