Bard Catheters West Covina California

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Bard Catheters West Covina

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Bard Catheters West Covina California are inserted internally and used for short term urinary drainage of the bladder for patients with urinary incontinence, urinary, retention or patients with a bladder obstruction.

Patient Care Medical carries a variety of intermittent catheter types, such as the coude intermittent catheter or straight intermittent catheter.  They come in a range of sizes from a variety of manufacturers.  To find out what would work best for you, give on of our care providers a call at (888) 726-5066.

More about Intermittent Catheters:

  • Coude Intermittent Catheters are flexible with a bend to facilitate navigation of the urethra in men.  It can also be used in women with urethral blockage or narrowing.
  • Straight Intermittent Catheters are straight with a rounded tip which has an opening on the side of the catheter tube.  These catheters are also flexible.

We offer the latest technology with ultra-soft outer layer, gentle on sensitive tissue, easy handling and kink resistant. There is no cost to you, Medicare and most private insurance will pay for your urinary catheter supplies, besides deductibles or co-pays. Delivered straight to your home.

What is a straight catheter?

Straight urinary catheters are designed for patients who have chronic bladder problems, but can perform catherization themselves.  they are generally used for quick in and out and are only used one time. They are sometimes used to obtain a sample specimen of urine for hospital analysis.  These catheters are available in straight, curved packaging, designed for men and women and even pediatric usage and they come in a variety of sizes.

Bard Catheters West Covina California

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